LFM or Merge - Plat 3/Gold 3 - TorqueNPower/TorquedNPowered - Any

Language: English, need enough to coordinate
Time Zone: Plat team is global, Gold team is mostly US at the moment though we’d love to get to global as well.
Age Range: Any
Elite Account?: Optional

About: The Platinum team is our competitive team, while our Gold team is the development/support/vacation team. We have a handful of alts we wouldn’t mind replacing in Platinum and a lot of inactives in Gold. The ideal merge candidate would have around 20-25 members, with a few higher levels jumping right to Plat and the rest bringing some additional life to a sluggish team in Gold.

Expectations for Plat are event and war participation required and Active or better. Expectations for Gold are wars required, events highly desired, and Low Activity or better.

Also somewhat interested in merging into another team, since our Gold team leadership is currently largely alts and that doesn’t work so well. It gets complicated when the Plat team needs a sub immediately though, so probably easier to keep the Gold team kicking… But if your team could support that sort of arrangement, we’re willing to listen.

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I’m the leader for LEVIIATHANS, gold II. If you’re interested in discussing a merge for your gold team, I have space for 12 players currently (recently did a big purge of inactives and then gained few), but can make room for up to 20 if need be (and a couple of officer spots if necessary). Message me if you’re interested in discussing.

Talked this over with Hona and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like a good fit. The primary goal of TorquedNPowerd is player development for TorqueNPower, and we can’t give that up. Leviiathans are trying to push up to plat themselves, and while I’d love to have our farm team do that, it would add a level of difficulty for them that doesn’t make sense.

So, we’re still looking. So are they, as far as I know. If you think your team is a better fit, let me know.

Would your team consider joining 2plunder we have 19 spots with 2 officer positions, 1312 team ranking and gold 3

2plunder would cover the need for the gold team, but probably not a good fit for providing players to platinum, so… Don’t see it as a fit.

Thank you for the reply

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