LFM OrderOfChaos P1 looking for 2 to 3 players

Language: English
Age Range: Adult Only
Elite Account?: Yes to Both
Highest Lineage Dragon: Emeralds and higher

We are Chaotics to the Core and we are seeking fellow mates to add to our Randy bunch. Weve went thru some changes and have had some teammates leave for RL issues and accomplishments being achieved. We have Atlas, Castles, and Alliances. We have Line app for outside communication and fun banter. We have Mins that are very achievable so that we all can make sure we contribute to team prizes. We are laid back and yet we are determined to keep pushing for more. We seek a few players to join our crew and have fun and keep climbing. Looking for players 250 and higher with short bases and Emeralds or Higher for dragons. Please message RedFireTw4t, DropTheMicah, or Tormund in game. THX! :frog::fire:


Lol check us out… we dont bite… unless you want us too :smiling_imp: hehe

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