LFM-OurDreamTeam Plat IV 1221 Global

Looking for active players 50+. Event, and war participation is a requirement. We’re all friendly. Happy to help/teach up and coming dragon riders. Daily activity is preferred, but vacations, and real life is more important. Our most important rules are.

  1. Miss 2 consecutive wars your out. Or, have the option to move down to feeder team for redemption.
  2. Events are the way to progress through the game. Meaning, if you don’t participate, or consistently give little effort. Your out.
  3. Be kind to one another. Players progress more quickly in a happy and friendly team. Helping when you can is appreciated.

Message any officer for details.
Thanks, Stumbls
Language:English preferred
Time Zone:Any
Played time:War waves start at 8:00 pm est/12:00 am gmt
Age Range: Any age
Elite Account?:not required
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:


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