LFM - P1/S3 - 2Much4U2Take - 100+ (min)

Language: English required.
Time Zone: Whatever
Played time: Whatever
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Highly preferred, but some exceptions allowed
Dragon Roster Includes: Necryx is a huge plus (if you can fly him)
Highest Lineage Dragon: Must be in platinum dragons, preferably sapphire.


We are a fairly new team that was started by some Diamond and Sapphire players. We will be in Sapphire 3 next week or two. We like to have fun and joke around, while at the same time doing well in wars in events thanks to organization and communication.

We have a few open spots for the right person. Above all, we want active team players that carry their own weight and aren’t just freeloading. If you have ballista on your base, don’t bother applying. :grin: Otherwise, shoot me a message in PM or in game if you think you might be a good fit!

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