LFM - P1/S3 - Dragonminds

Language: English
Time Zone: Worldwide
Age Range: Adults
Elite Account?: Preferred, but not requirred
Highest Lineage Dragon: minimum harbinger


Dragonminds are recruiting. We are an active drama free and international team, currently situated in P1 and should hit S3 at league change. We have atlas with castles of each element - thus great bonuses and plenty of glory opportunities. We currently get 1522 daily egg tokens (atlas + league)

This season we have claimed the 8th team achievement and 10th quest chest in 6 out of 7 events of this season, and we are looking for members who can keep up with these requirements as well.

Does this fit on you?

  • Breeding Harbinger or higher (willing to compromise for the right player)
  • Have a defendable base for your level
  • Hitting 8th team achievement in all events (PvP, Breed, Fort)
  • Doing all daily quests
  • Active in atlas or want to become more active in atlas
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If you are looking for a team after fortification event, then we again happen to have an open spot :slight_smile:

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Glad to see y’all doing so well. :partying_face:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: We certainly can’t complain.

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The opportunity is there again, as we will be looking for two new members after the breeding event :slight_smile:

Updated post… Looking for 1 new member after the event :slight_smile: Hit me up here or in game if you are interested.

Interested! :blush: