LFM P1 soon to move up πŸ™Œ

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LFM – currently P1 – 4Vengeance– 300+


Time Zone:any
Played time:preferred over 1 year with atlas knowledge
Age Range: 18+ ( i.d. required) LOL
Elite Account?:preferably both
Dragon Roster Includes:harb+
Highest Lineage Dragon:must be harbinger tier or above

Here Ye Here Ye. We are 4V!!!
4VENGEANCE some want to kill us, some want to help us, but most just want to be US! We are what dreams are made of. Where men/women turn to gods /goddess’ … We have each others back in every way RL included we are a great group of adults( no children ) we are not a team…WE ARE A FAMILY. We here at 4V are looking for you, yes you the one who is reading this right now because we have sparked your interest in becoming something great. You want to know what families are made of. You want to know what it’s like to rise to the top. You want to know what it’s like to have people you can count on inside and outside of the game. You want to know what it’s like to be 4V…Dont you? Well we can tell you it’s what we all want and only the strong survive. We war! We fight! We defend! We win!!! So if you read this far you are intrigued so do yourself the favor apply and then message the leader or officer to set up and interview plz have the following ready ss of youllliur contributions from the last 3 events atlas as well and your top 3 dragons, troop count and actual def stats…if you are still reading that means you want to be 4V and the dedication that it took to read this all says alot so thank you for that…apply even if full.
We have castles in all elements and we make sure all members are taken care of.

This is serious inquiries only we dont plan to stay in plat league and we want serious dedication to working as a team. This means in all aspects of the game: EVENTS/ ATLAS EVENTS/ QUEST/ WARS AND ALSO BE CHATTY IN TC

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Still looking for new members

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