LFM- P1 team with Atlas

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Looking for Members Title

LFM – yourLeague. Platinum 1yourTeam FallenOnes – lvlRequirement300+


Language: English

Time Zone:
US ,BUT WELCOME ALL TIME ZONES, actually would like different time zones to balance things out to be more help to members
Played time: daily
Age Range: 18 and above
Elite Account?: Not necessary but is helpful
Dragon Roster Includes:Empyrean and above preferred
Highest Lineage Dragon: Empyrean

About: We are platinum 1 team ,we tend to bounce back from p2 to p1, we have altars and 11 castles , castles of all elements , we do have a nice group of players, but like most teams these days we are wanting more , we want to move up and looking for possible merge with us to make it happen. If interested please send me message in game XxxDarkRoseXxx

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