LFM - P1 - TeamMutineers - Level110+ recruiting

Hello DragonLords and DragonLadies, if by chance you are debating looking for a new team,TeamMutineers is searching for a couple of players to take up a couple of open slots. We’re mostly English speaking. Time zones are also mixed. We’ve been very consistent at getting 8/8 and 9/10 team achievements but now are in a position where we need to be sure we can keep up the great work!. We’d be happy to have you solidify our roster and you’ll see that we’re a good team :). We have 13 castles, 1072 daily egg tokens, line bots for atlas, and try to plan castle guards swaps during pvp. We ask for 8/8, 5/5, and 150k troops but most importantly, communication. If we sound like a good fit please feel free to apply or message our leader Amxlo in-game, thank you! :call_me_hand:




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