LFM - P2 - DarkenTheSeas - 200+

Language: English
Time Zone: Open
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Recommend/Not required


Trust me when I say their raids hurt for a platinum team haha
I have a love hate relationship with the team


Probably should mention that we’re actually P3 for the first PvP of the season.


We definitely have a lot of grinders that love to raid together, atlas and pvps, and “love hate” is a perfect way to describe our team’s relationship lol. No reason you can’t respect your enemies for their abilities while you are trying to destroy their bases.
Look forward to our next skirmish, take care your holyness.


Not on VikingsDK anymore, but thanks for the glory on my taunter when I was :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
DarkenTheSeas is definitely a good team lol

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DarkenTheSeas is looking for 2 players after event ends. We’ve reached 8/8 10/10 in now 4 consecutive events. We expect the trend to continue.

Please message me here or in game if you’re looking for a new journey.


Darken the earth was a good team with the leader don something,

Respect to Earth, we are a different team. This guy Seven we’ve got here is a smart cookie.


:honey_pot: He’s sweet like a cookie too. :relaxed:

And good at counter sniping after I went through 5 minutes of blockades
Just let me take my 60% something glory and move on

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Looking for two or three after event end. Message me here or in game.
Those with puns step to the front of the line.


Looking for two or three after event end. Message me here or in game for additional details.


Most of us survived KW. Looking for a couple of people to add before breeding. Come help us darken the seas!!

DarkenTheSeas is back in the market for a few more wd geeks to join our unique family. Loners, slackers, bad attituders or people not looking to get involved need not apply😁

Looking for active atlas players. 8/8 and 10/10 every event this season. Looking forward to having you come to our family as we have players stepping aside due to rl matters.

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