LFM P2 Degenerates

Adults only please. We have no level restrictions- just want players willing to do requirements and to just relax and enjoy the game.
We are a P2 team enjoying the world of WD and Atlas. We have 10+ castles. All the elements.1500+ in egg token payouts. Laid back team that loves to go raiding and sniping at our pleasure. Plenty of knowledge to share. Wars are a must but that’s common knowledge right? Atlas wars are a must- I mean it’s a big part of the game. Defense is important- great way to learn how to defend and to learn how to create a power house base when defended. (everyone know a non defended base is easy).
Looking for a team to have fun in and relax without the stress of all the requirements of a larger team? Check us out. Message any one in leadership. :+1:t2:




Constantly cleaning house. We have another spot available again! Come check out Degenerates!