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Language: English
Time Zone: Mostly US but a few Europe
Played time: Daily
Age Range: Be an adult
Elite Account?: Preferably
Dragon Roster Includes: Have good dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: At least obsidian

About: Hello everyone, we are looking for good and extremely active players to join us as we just moved up to P2 and are looking to solidify ourselves there. We are a competitive and fun group, with players from all over the US, Europe, and even a couple from Australia and Japan! We had a series of great showings in several P3 events, the latest being a dominant win in which we scored roughly 20 percent more than our next closest competitor! (Not trying to brag). We know what we have here. And we have the potential to do even better and be greater. We are looking for a few great players to help with this! We are looking for those that will be an asset to us and help us grow, those that are team minded and those that are effective communicators. We encourage our members to talk to us and to each other. We have a line app for this as well, which is completely optional, but is great for team building, and I personally like it.

So what is required? 80k atlas troop minimum. If you are short of that, it’s ok, just work to get there within a reasonable timeframe. (You should be training at least one set of troops every day). Of course the other standard requirements of every other competitive team apply here as well. War and event participation. If you cannot participate in a war or event, in that case communication would be key here. Effective communication :sunglasses::+1:t2:

If you’re interested, message me in game @VEXterminator (or hit the apply/full button…or reply here and I’ll check)

(Image below is end result of most recent event)

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