LFM P2 NEQUISSIMI 150-200+ Prefered


Language: English
Time Zone: ANY
Played time: N/A
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: not required
Dragon Roster Includes N/A
Highest Lineage Dragon: Plat, Sapphire+


Plat 1 all adult team primarily 200-300+ members with atlas
8 Castles, 994 combined daily token payout ISO several very active and atlas active players.

Do u want a team that:
War waves, 250 flames in the 1st 12 hours of war…
Top placement in events
Glory raids
Kick ass and shoot shit with like minded folks with the desire and DRIVE for more, and progress to the higher leagues?
Tired of slackers and coat tail riders?

Then we are looking for u… doing some team restructuring and dropping all dead weight… SEVERAL positions available… INCOMING merge proposals will be considered for interested parties so u won’t have to leave ur friends behind.

We do have team minimals, none that EVERYONE can’t achieve… War, events, line app for offline communication is required.

Look us up. Contact me here or in game for details or any inquiries

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Bump! :hugs::hugs: still looking for some badasses to come kick ass with us!
Several spots available seeing as we would like to get rid of some alts and low activity players…

Come make us ur new home :hugs:

Contact me here or in game for any inquiries


Shameless bump! Still looking for some competitive folks to come kick ass with us :hugs:

Inbox here and in game is open, check us out :hugs:


Bump :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


Still on the look out for folks to kick ass with our family as we continue our climb up leagues :hugs:… check us out and hit me up!

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