LFM P2 Syndicates level 85+

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Language: English
Time Zone: We have people on most times of the day
Played time:We can discuss
Age Range: 18 or older
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes:Divines, preferably last two seasons at least
Highest Lineage Dragon: we can discus

About: We really do have a fun group of people who want to blow stuff up. Looking to fill a few alt spots with some badasses! We are a great defensive team and we dont back down no matter what. Our goal… to always win. If you always show up for wars, are active in events and like to kid around in team chat… then apply even if we are full. Or pm me in game (ign Pawzebel)

Ps. We have pretty women and good looking dragons on the team… / wink

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Bump… come on peeps i know you are out there!


Bump da bump bump bump

Goes bump in the night!****

The marines not the only ones looking for a few good men! Have an alt spot to fill, apply now!

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