LFM P2 Team Looking for 300+/400+ Players Pushing to Sapphire

Looking for Players🍀

We are looking for Players lvl 300+/400+ that want to be a part of the Rising of CelticWarHeros moving towards Sapphire.:four_leaf_clover:

Participation is Mandatory and we are a 100%Atlas Team.:four_leaf_clover:

Three C’s principles apply: Compassionate. Communication and Team Chatter Makes us a friendly natured team.:four_leaf_clover:

If this is the Team you been looking for to Advance in WD. Check out Our requirements Below to see if this is what you’ve been looking for.:four_leaf_clover:

Contact:DrummerGirl7 or Queen Samorea to ask any Question.Hope to Fly with You Soon!:four_leaf_clover:

LFM - Platinum 2 - DrummerGirl7,QueenSamorea

LFM – Platinum 2CelticWarHeros
Please Check Requirements in “About”


Language: English Only
Time Zone: All Zones Welcomed
Played time: Very Active/Active
Age Range: 21+ Only
Elite Account?: Elite/Non Elite (All Welcomed)
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon: 300-Emerald/Obsidian

About: Requirements for CelticWarHeros are Mandatory Participation in :
-Events & Quest
-Atlas & Events
{Event’s are 100% Mandatory}
{Quest in Events/Atlas Mandatory!!}
{Event Quest must complete 200 point}
{Atlas Events must complete 20k in points}


It’s like a second job … a very demanding second job. :flushed:


Sorry you feel that way…But, we’re Gamers that have a slight addiction to War Dragons with it’s unstable tendencies …but we Love the Game…so we’re looking for just those that are true Gamers…That want to advance.

Eh, quests.


:eyes: I did quests just for 100 sigils (personal).


Lol…that is true norm…but I feel they Real Stingy in this Event with the Sigils…How can I support my addiction when I Gets oh yea Nadah…But…I digress.Im Addicted to the Game​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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My team is 300 event quest mandatory, lower than that means you weak

Meh, 240 by all 50 gets the team chest 10 but I always personally aim for 300 every event. But then again I like those prizes no matter how small they are.

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Mmm. Or know a different RoI. I have never done quests.

Just saying you’re sucking the fun out of it.

It’s like sex. It’s feels good and you wanna do it all the time. But when you get the pressure of doing it cause ya’ll wanna have a baby and she’s ovulating … the pressure to perform ruins the romance. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Dude be appropriate. This is a gaming environment, no need to bring that garbage into here…

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That’s the best analogy I could think of … cause we dealt with infertility. It ain’t garbage, it’s real life. Don’t be a dick. :face_with_monocle:


:rofl:and I thought I was disrespectful with my analogies. On a side note…you cant call someone w dick for calling you out for being vulgar. Which is why I normally apologies in advance. Lmao


I can’t believe what this threat has become
Totally out of whack :boom:

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