LFM P2 - VikingsDK

4th of July Special :boom: VDK’s got a couple openings!

Recent achievement record -
8/8 in CC, Fort, Pits, & Breed
Top 5 on our good weeks, top 10 on our lazy weeks


We look for people who communicate, do events, quests and wars ATLAS.

Willing to learn & patiently grow is important. Always prioritizing team needs is also a must.

Divines: Emerald and up*, and your level not too ahead of your dragons :wink:

*Sapphire tier is considered if you’re a very active player that wants to grow with us :muscle::.

The Spiel:

We typically maintain a spot in the top 10 in events and get level 10 team chest or at least level 9.

When it comes to atlas, we’re focused on finding that balance between fun (e.g. raids, sniping and swapping) and stability (castle defense). We do go on raids with our 5TA too.

4 Tier 2 Castles and 1 T3: 4/5 Elements (all but fire). 2 NML Access, be ready for battle.

If you’re looking for a place to grow; this is it.


:o: Read Emails

:o: Event Participation: 7/8 Prize Tier in most PvPs, 8/8 Fort and Pits, no minimums for breed. (we still get 7/8 for breed lol)

:o: Event Quests 5/5

:o: Always train troops, maintain 75k after a 2 week grace period.
:o: 40k kills per week in atlas

Those who fulfill all expectations and go beyond are prioritized for CG Swaps. Those who continually fail to meet expectations get 2 warnings and are at risk of getting kicked. (We reserve the right to kick 0 pts/0 quests/0 atlas without warning)

Interested? Message MarshGlob or XitRogueStorm in game.

Line is optional, but highly recommended for ease of communication.


500+ with abyssals… huh. :thinking:

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To be clear: Abyssals or being level 500 is not required. It’s just to state we’re open to that…


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the reason behind my reply was to point out that u’re looking for sh1tty 500s rather than the normal/good ones :sweat_smile: as 500s only with abyssals means they’re slow af with their breeding.

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Lol I have seen lvl 500+ with only towers lvl 70+ :poop:

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I have seen one with 40~

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Seen them, too. But… :man_facepalming:t2:

Admittedly, I’m very far away from that point so I wouldn’t know. (And I forgot Eldritch tier existed: woops🤦🏻‍♀️)
Thanks for clarifying!

Unfortunately, I posted images since copy-pasting wouldn’t work for me here so I can’t edit the original post :see_no_evil:

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You can just type out what the image says and edit it that way.

Not that long of a post anyways. :grin:

Too much effort - and I’m prone to typos when I’m using my phone😣

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Would you be interested in a level 41?

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Hello, Vala!
Apologies for the late reply - Please refer to updated description.

We’re honestly hoping to get bigger players since our team already has a number of smalls (mighty, much loved smalls, mind you) but I checked your post and you seem very promising. It also appears that you’ve already found a team.

If for some reason, that team doesn’t quite meet your expectations, shoot me a message in game and I’ll see if we can make room for you.

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quit trying to steal my teammate :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Tell them they might want to take their forum post down because competitive teams will eventually want them hahaha

Don’t worry though, once people find their family they don’t leave them for random teams even if those teams have better performance/perks. As long as the activity meets their personal minimums :+1:

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We still have openings for those looking to join after this week’s breeding event.

Bump again
We still have alts to swap out rather urgently after PvP

Bumping again - We have at least 2 openings after this week’s Fortification.

Messaged you :smiley:

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Time to bump this thread. We’re gonna have 1 urgent opening

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Hi are you accepting smaller levels of 30+? I’m in desperate need of a team that’s willing to take smaller levels.