LFM–P3–AncientHeart –200+

Language: English
Time Zone: All
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Not required
Highest Lineage Dragon: Not Required

About: The Ancients have finally risen from their shrine and are about to end the tyrannical rule of the Kharnyx. Rise from your deepest slumber and join Ancientheart where a whole new world full of possibilities awaits for you. The game is changing fast so make sure that you’re on the right side of it.

Are you willing to do your daily quests and participate in the event? Are you willing to do your war runs and learn the atlas? If your answer is yes, then 984 daily tokens are waiting for your login.

We are P3 team family like environment and always active line chat that’s ready to help for anything from base layout, season planning to atlas. We require war runs, daily quests and season and atlas event participation. If you want game a fun yet not punishing, your search ends today. Join us and you’ll become family forever.



We’re still looking for members who wants to grow and willing to learn the atlas. We are willing to teach and provide all the assistance that you need to grow

Join now or regret later. Your choice

We still have a couple of slots open. If you’re looking for the change, we are your destination

We have two spots open. Active players required