LFM–P3–AncientHeart –250+

Language: English
Time Zone: All
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Not required
Highest Lineage Dragon: Not Required

About: 984 daily tokens. family like team but keeps things real. No pressure environment. We encourage the participation in atlas but no minimums. 8/8, 5/5, war runs are required.

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How often do you hit 8/8 5/5?

We hit 8/8 during Fortification and quest score is often between 190 to 210.

I am interested if you have space for a level 72 i am gold tier and hit 7/8 team event requirements. and 5/5 team quests.

We can make arrangements. Apply once the event is over so that you won’t miss the event rewards.

i’m not bound to a team currently so that’s not a problem :grinning:

Go ahead apply then

sorry I have found a team.

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Getting a mythic is hard this season, but so is finding a great team like us. Apply today or email me IGN vikram2

We are a fortune 500 team that is has players in LA, New York, London, Australia and India.

We are looking for a team player who

A. Does 8/8
B. Hits quest
C. Self motivated
D. Ability to learn and co-ordinate

Atlas knowledge preferred but not required. We will teach all you need.

If you think you’re suitable for the position, hit Apply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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