LFM - P3 - FlyingArrows - level negotiable

Language: English
Time Zone: No preference
Played time: Yes
Age Range: 18+ preferred but not essential
Elite Account?: should you choose
Dragon Roster Includes: Draco
Highest Lineage Dragon: Something bigger than Draco


A friendly team we like to have fun and grow stronger. So if you’re willing to abide by the most universal of team rules give us a try.

Yes we have Atlas including some Real Estate of our very own and if you have never tried Atlas but interested in learning we can show you the way from basics to the more advanced aspects.

what if I have something smaller than draco?

Then I HAVE to get you on my team just to see the itty bitty dragon :joy:

Is this your dragon that’s smaller than Draco?

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Also another event done so a new reminder that I’m looking for a few new teammates to fly with.

Still looking for a few more members.

With the end of another event a quick reminder that we are still looking for members so I can retire my multiple personalities.

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