LFM - P3 - IdiotsPart2 - Sense of humor


Are you tired of the game feeling like a JOB?

Want to take a break, but still want to have atlas and some active mates to fly with?

Do you enjoy long walks off a short pier, harmless flirting, and jokes with bad timing?

If you’re still reading, then you’re probably one of us :wink:

Language: English (or bad English…or google translate)
Time Zone: Coffee
Played time: Chunk+
Age Range: Somewhere between PG TOS and the graveyard
Elite Account?: Preferred, but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Divines
Highest Lineage Dragon: Divine


Idiots Part 2 is a very friendly and supportive team of adult players who are active and like to have fun. Nobody will micromanage you or how you play, so long as you don’t plunge us into war with the rest of Atlas or somehow get the entire team banned. Most of our members have families and real world commitments, but we all show up every week for events and do what we can to help the team grow.


If you are looking for a new home, a temporary home, or just something more fitting that the wet cardboard box you’ve been sleeping in all week…then give us a shot.



Yup. That’s us🤪

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Looks interesting, cuz the team I’m in rn is mostly an alt hub. My top dragon is currently 20m AP and my base is around 19m DP boosted. Shoot me an invite at BLACKWING71 if you’ll have me

Yes, that’s really us :rofl: the idiots

Sounds like fun!