LFM - P3 - KINGSSTRIKE - 60+ Pref

KINGSSTRIKE has some vacancies that we’re looking to fill. If you want to be part of a team that works together for the greater good of ALL players, has side splitting conversations & with a wolf pack mentality. Then THIS is the team for you. We are P3, Score always in the Top 10 group rankings in events.

The team has active players from across the world, Europe, Australia, UK & USA. We are after active players who will put in 100% effort, you must participate in all wars, meet Atlas requirements, strong participation in events and ultimately have fun with a great bunch of people doing so. Please feel free to hit me up here, in game or any of the officers/leader as listed below.

We’re replacing reaps :sob::sob::sob:

Side note. Great team to have banter with teammates, don’t expect 8/8 team achievements though.

…and cookies. Cookies… mmm :cookie:


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