[LFM] - P3 - Nightrenegades - Atlas - +100 lvl

Language: English
Time Zone: International
Age Range: Over 18
Elite Account?: your call
Atlas no castle (got it at start of season) enjoying pirate life
Lvl : Preferably over 100 (if under raise your case you never know)

We are a chill though active team…
We demand war, event and quests participation’s… other than that it’s up to you…
We ask over 18 cause our chat though entertaining is not always proper…
We have one spot open right now and possibly one or two at end of current event.
If you wanna know more or wanna join please contact me here or in game (same ign).
Take care

One spot available at the end of the event

We are still looking
One spot available

Still one opening…

We have a spot available…
Come check us out

We are looking :eyes:

We still have one maybe two spots available