LFM - P3 - Redpandas7 - Lvl 120+

Language: English
Age Range: Adults preferred


Redpandas7 is a Plat 3 team, looking for active/very active team members (lvl 120+). We want people who will strive to reach the 8th team achievement point milestone in events, complete all 5 daily quests and participate in war. We help teammates with resources, XP runs and overall game strategy.

Communication is a huge part of our success as a team. We want members who will utilize the team chat and messages to coordinate and work with each other. We also have an optional Line chat group.

Our team promoted to Plat 3 a few weeks ago. While in Plat 4, we placed 1st in several events and overall did not place below top 15 in the few months we were there. Since being in Plat 3, we have taken 15th place in Temple Raid and 4th in Team Gauntlet.

We are a growing non atlas team that is looking for more people who fit into our dynamic. We hold our own against the atlas teams and hope to earn atlas as they add more territory and teams. Reach out if you would like to discuss further.

Thank you so much for your time!

Redpandas7 Leader

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We will have two openings after this event concludes. If you are interested in potentially joining, please feel free to message me.