LFM P3 TheReaperCrew Lvl250+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Stay active
Age Range: 17+
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Ember.
Highest Lineage Dragon: Level comparable


TheReaperCrew is a P3 atlas team. Perfect team for seasoned players who want freedom from the big alliances. We are a family-oriented competitive atlas team that provides sniping tools and team raids for luscious, yes luscious, glory.:wink:Apply even if full. Please contact MsSin in game for additional info. Thank you.:blush:


New person!

And the 13th recruiting thread for the same team lol

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Maybe if you stop posting on the recruitment threads, there would be less of them? Why be a troll? Who are you to continually write on these threads? I will be making a new one bc YOU posted on this one. Please keep your 2 cents to yourself in the future. Thank you. Happy New Year, lol.

Guys no need to be rude this is a recruitment thread you could ignore comments like that as well if you donโ€™t like them.

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He posts on ALL of my recruitment posts, so you tell me how am I being rude???

Youโ€™re upset because someone posted a comment on a public forum?

Maybe if you actually kept posting on your threads they wouldnโ€™t close. Heck, heโ€™s doing you a favor by keeping it open longer.


You are outta our mind if ya think heโ€™s doing us a favor by trolling the teamsโ€™ threads.

I mean you can just block him and then you wonโ€™t see his comments right on your recruiting threads.

But also! Join the reaper crew yall! Youโ€™ll have a deathly good time


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