LFM - P4 - DemonDeciples (Altas) - 150+

Language: English

Age Range: Adults Only


DemonDeciples is getting settled in after a non atlas team take over.

If you have little or no atlas experience, but want to give it a whirl, we have some experienced members that are helping the team get their bearings. We are all learning together.

Many of our members are new to atlas. So, we want all our members to get a feel for it before setting any atlas minimums or requirements. All we ask, is that people put in the effort and learn.

We are looking for active and very active team members (lvl 150+). We want people who will strive to reach the 8th team achievement point milestone in non atlas events, complete all 5 daily quests and participate in war. We all help teammates with resources, XP runs and overall game strategy.

Communication is a huge part of our success as a team. We want members who will utilize the team chat and messages to coordinate and work with each other. We also have a Line team chat group. The Line app is a huge help when trying to learn atlas.

We want people who will contribute, so the entire team can continue to be successful. Many of our members are going for a mythic, so we want to sure we get as many sigils as possible.

We are a growing new atlas team, that is looking for more people who fit into our dynamic. Reach out if you would like to discuss further.

Thank you so much for your time!


DemonDeciples Leader



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We still have openings. Once we have a full roster of awesome people, we will easily pop back up to plat 3. Message me in game if you want to chat.