LFM - P4/P3 - The Dethroners Initiative (Looking for players or merge)

There was an idea, every experienced team leader knows this. This idea was to bring together a group of remarkable dragon fliers, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to fight the battles that we never could.


Now is the time. Everybody has a team that’s great, but imperfect. Struggling, yet filled with potential. Nobody wants to leave their team, and everybody wants a team with Atlas. Players have forgotten what it takes to truly BUILD something. To coach players on base layout, and to stay up for hours backing friends from around the world on XP, resource, and quest runs.

I’d like to get back to basics. We have a great team now (EliteWarRiders), and we, like many Platinum teams, expect to get Atlas at the next rollout. But I am MORE interested in finding active, friendly, loyal players who want to BUILD AN EMPIRE with us.

We have a solid core group of 25-30 players, plus a bunch of alts, plus a bunch of players who are improving, plus a few casual players who need to be replaced. I would be open to a merge, and would be willing to negotiate with a similar team for terms that would be mutually acceptable. I would also love to find a massive influx of hungry players who have simply been holding out for the right team, but I know this is less likely.

On our best days, we are the team that you don’t want to war with. On our bad days, we’re somewhat average.

If you are a human being who reads and types in ENGLISH and loves to play war dragons, then we are looking for you.

Players can be leveled up.

Dragons can be hatched.,

We can fix or replace whatever is wrong with a base.

We just can’t replace good players.


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Question is: Are you going to bring the elite?

I ALWAYS bring the Elite.

Hmm what type of merger as u merge or them

Honestly, open to either depending on terms.

Would it be considered rude or spamming, do you think, were I to link a certain recent thread of mine to this? :man_facepalming:

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Bro…I read your thread. Notice, we are willing to be the ones who merge :man_shrugging:

Yes. The game is repetitive. All teams go through the same challenges. Nevertheless, we have to work with what we get.

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Message me in game may have a idea

you still looking for possible merging…?

Are u still looking for a merger, also?
Message me in game also.

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