LFM - P4 - RubyDragonWolf - Causal Team (With Atlas and Freedom)

Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Plat 4RubyDragonWolf50

Language: English
Time Zone: Worldwide
Age Range: 13+ (Family Team)
Elite Account(s)?: No need
Highest Lineage Dragon: No requirement, we will help you grow.


RubyDragonWolf is a family team looking for members that are able to login for events and ideal accomplish daily quests and we strive for 5/8 on events. Have a knowledgeable team to help out. We have atlas, but no castles, and no alliance. Want to learn Atlas without the stress of politics we can help with that.

Why RubyDragonWolf?

  • PVP in top 10, Fort/Breed we land where we land.
  • No pressure team, you do what you can, and we will try to help as much as we can.
  • Here to help you learn how to build a base, and grow
  • Can help you to understand atlas and progress:
  • We have a line channel for adults.

If interested can message me here or in game, I check both multiple times a day.


Finished Temple Raid event in 4th place! Working to add more members! Very active core to the team. Very laid back team, not working towards a castle, but if we get enough interest doing weekly atlas raids on Tuesdays or minor event weekends!

Message if interested!

First event of the season was breeding, was a difficult event for the team, as we are now at about 30 members, placed in 11th for it, but really not a good benchmark as you don’t want to spend tokens just to get points. That being said, I did max this event for max sigils during discounts. Lots of fragments were used!

Crystal Caves the team did well, and placed in the top 10 not bad for falling down to only 30 members for the event. Which of course also impacted our ability for the team rewards. Overall we did well and are moving along. Fort has been interesting and are hovering at the 11th place at the moment.

Finally got our first recruit from the forums and we welcome Leaf to the team! We have dropped lvl requirements to just being able to join a team!

We do generally well over all in the atlas events with the activity we do have. Hoping to encourage more to do some atlas if for no other reason then the extra egg tokens and speed ups!

Msg me here or in game if interested in a fun laid back team.

So we did well on picking up new players prior to the pvp event, might have been our recruitment of Leaf…

Event went well got 9th overall, and did decent on team rewards considering much of the team was under lvl 10, so was able to get 4/8. And lvl 5 chest.

Hoping to see some more higher lvl recruitment as we move forward, and are starting to see more interest in atlas so more items are coming up in our future for the team to engage in.

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