LFM - P4 - TitanDragons - 140+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Age Range: 18+
Have Atlas? Yes

About: Looking for players that seek an ambitious and chatty team. We’re easy going, but expect war completions. We have Atlas, but if you’re not hugely experienced with it, that doesn’t matter - we’ll get you going.

We get 250 tokens currently from the daily prize in the main game, but also 492 per day from Atlas.

We’re looking to push up and up, and currently we have some alts that we’re happy to move on from the team, meaning we have about 3 or 4 slots to easily make up.

We always make the 6/7th team prize in events, regularly placed in the top ten, and sometimes we have gotten all 8 team prizes - we need players like you to make sure this happens even more often!

We usually get the 7th/8th quest chests, but we’re aiming for higher.

Many on this team have been together for about 2 years, moving up the leagues from Silver. We’ve been in plat 3 and would love to push to be there regularly. We’re fun, sometimes a bit mad, but a really good group of people.

Having LINE is ideal for communication across wars, events, and atlas, but we don’t ask for it to be essential.

Message myself, our leader, or any officer on the team if you’re interested, and we’ll make sure a spot is freed.

See you out there,


Still have 1 slot open, and can make even 5 slots available with alts we don’t want in the team, and the odd player that needs kicking.

Contact an officer or leader if you’re interested.