LFM PeritusDraconi 450+ Atlas S3

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Any
Age Range: +18
Elite Account?: :woman_shrugging:
Dragon Roster Includes: ember - or another dragon with spell similar to DG
Highest Lineage Dragon: dragons for your level

About: Looking for a few members to replace some current ones leaving for RL reasons. Requirements are similar to most other teams with a focus placed on daily quests (currently getting level 9 chest), and wars. No zeros on events and low troop minimums also in place. If your going to miss any days just give me a heads up.
We also have a pretty talkive line group (not required, but it’s recommend).

We do pretty well in most events, and would love to add a few more awesome people to our team!

Reach out to me in game or on line: Lathra

Look forward to flying with you!


ToNiGhT iS tHe NiGhT. Who gonna come play with me?


Hola estoy buscando clan con atlas antes de que empiece el evento soy nivel 110 y tenga una cuenta pequeña nivel 25, las 2 con 5/5 misiones diarias, por favor espero su respuesta, gracias

Siéntase libre de postularse a mi equipo, pero hablamos principalmente inglés

Bump :grin: looking for a few members :thinking: message me on line, or in game Lathra

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Join today, and witness me whine about timers in team chat on a daily basis!

:joy: do u want to join a bunch of wringers?

Oh no, just u :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

He’s allowed to whine. Not you tho :joy:


Hahaha yep, agreed :wink:

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Fyi we are now P3. :grin:

then edit the post silly

That’s a lot of work :unamused: maybe later

Almost to D1!



Whoa is this retroactive? Cause I didn’t get one.

sure have a cat. this one is very disappointed in you.

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1.it’s my forum birthday
2. you decide to join the smart whale team
3. still my forum birthday
5. we buy a big bag to put all the money in
6.and it’s my forum birthday :grin:

I worry about you :kissing_heart: