LFM - Plat 1-2 - ZenWarriors - Lvl 150+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any; We have members from around the globe.
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: Helpful, but not required.

ZenWarriors is an English-speaking adult team based on friendship, fun and competition. We want to go as high as we can in the game, so long as it is still fun to do so. While some of us can get pretty competitive and do whatever it takes to top the charts, we will never require players to spend real money on the game. We have many experienced players who are happy to help with any aspect of the game, as well as a robust wiki and a manifesto outlining our team philosophy and guidelines for members. We also use an outside chat application called Slack for those wishing to have better communication with the team, although its use is not required.

We are looking for active new members. We tend to punch above our weight in events and in atlas, and like to have everyone contributing. We are getting a lot of first places in events, and picked up a few 1200 sigil team rewards this season as well. Members should definitely get 5 flames on every war, score at least some points in pvp events, and be active in atlas. Of course everyone goes on vacation, has family commitments, gets sick, etc., but communication with the leadership team is key. We do ask that you arrange to temporarily leave the team if you know you will be missing war attacks.

Send in an application if this sounds like we might be the right team for you. We always fill spots with temporary alt accounts, so there may be a vacancy even if we show 50/50. Feel free to message me with any questions here, or with an in game mail (IGN: Xexamedes).

At the moment we have one spot available, so don’t hesitate and come find some Zen enlightenment.


We’re doing a little early spring cleaning in the team, so we have room for a few more new people. We’re looking for people who want be active in Atlas, know what they can and cannot do in wars, and in general know how to play the game.

We’ve recently upgraded some minimum activity levels (pvp points, troop count etc), but we’re really looking for people who don’t really care because they want to do way more than the minimum anyway.

The team doesn’t have a whole lot of strict rules because we have a team of adults who we rely on to keep themselves to high standards, and to be willing to put the needs of the team first. This is working out nicely so far, and when it occasionally doesn’t our officers are not afraid to take steps needed.

So if you’re an active player who likes to be appreciated for their performance, and doesn’t need to be told what to do, have a look at applying with us.


Secret identity revealed :eyes:

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Wasn’t all that secret anyway :grin:

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