LFM Plat 1 Currently Going Sapp (150+)

Language: English
Time Zone: We have people from most of the state. (UK, Asia, US)
Played time: Active/Very Active
Age Range: 18 or older
Elite Account?: Preferably
Dragon Roster Includes:Divines at least 1
Highest Lineage Dragon: Gold or Plat

Team Name : TheKillerElite

Looking for 4 individual players who are lvl 150 and above. Who are wave efficient , wars and events are mandatory as well as a line app to have easier communication. :heart: and also an important factor, be friendly and not too sensitive.(if we don’t reply its not we dislike you) :slight_smile:

we can be a little crazy in terms of talking in team chat and on line

Please do email to me if I don’t get back to you, it’s because I’m asleep or I’m at work so sorry in advance for late replies :smile: :laughing:

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