LFM Plat 1 xTheEmpirex

LFM – Plat 1 xTheEmpirex (as long as you live-breath-dream WD, who cares what level you are?!)


Language: Earthlings
Time Zone: any
Played time: enough to maintain Very Active in Wars, events
Age Range: IQ more impt than age
Elite Account?: elite account in time currency - yes; monetary - no requirement
Dragon Roster Includes: Chunk… kidding
Highest Lineage Dragon: Draco… or Toothless

About: If you are switching teams because of dead weights, less than active leadership, balanced participation vs real life commitments, do pm us to see if we are right fit for each other. Definitely looking for replacements for our alts and trying to get like-minded players to come together to play!

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