LFM -- Plat 2-3 / ZenWarriors / Lvl 100+


Nope. Can’t tell at all.


One slot open. Must like Pygmy hippos, moonlit beach walks, margaritas and AC/DC. Or just like flying dragons, we’re open minded.

See you soon!


AC/DC yeah! :metal:


Q: What is a cation afraid of? (For you non-science geeks, a cation is a positively charged ion)

A: Dogions. Ba Dum Tss

Anyhoo, ZenWarriors has 2 spots available again. The amount of awesome we exude on the daily is just too much for some people. Send in those apps today to show us you are just as awesome. Wars are mandatory unless otherwise stated by the leadership team or you have let us know you are going to be absent PRIOR to missing the war. We know you might have a real life. Heck, we pretend that we have real lives sometimes. But it’s really not that hard to let us know you will be gone beforehand, right?


Q: Why can’t you trust atoms?

A: Because they make up everything.

We still have two spots available! Although one of the spots probably won’t be available until the end of the event since my alt is holding that space and she’s crushing the event for a baby account :laughing:. We are all on the edge of our seats watching as the new season information is slowly leaking out and our slack channels are already full of great discussions over proposed routes to take for next season. Feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed with the prize restructuring? Head on over to Zen where we have a gaggle of helpful players who can help you make the best decision for your playing style, progress and goals!


I’ve been in league with this team and they seem like cool people :+1:


Only a few days left until the new season. Is it time for a change?

Our team is a group of mature (mostly), chatty, loyal, funny, friendly people from all over the world. About one third of our team are women. We always do our best and our aim is to go as high as we can so long as the game is still fun.

We are looking for loyal people who are passionate about the game who play daily. People who understand the difference between being a member of a team and being a team player. People who want to help others and be the best they can in the game.

Looking for 100+ but will accept 80+ for the right applicant.


Where’s the joke @JJ6758?!


Everyone knows I’m the Tuvok of the team. Actually no, I’ll be Janeway, John can be Tuvok, you can be Neelix :grin: I leave the jokes to you! And in case you’re wondering, AvoidingPack is the Doctor, DB is LT Paris and Di can be Seven of Nine. Cos we all know her :peach: would look great in that outfit :wink:


Looking for a new start for Spring? We have 2 slots available. Shoot us a mail or apply even if full.


Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Not the annoying guy who joined and immediately started harassing everyone for food on the first day of the feeding event. :roll_eyes:

Which means… we still have 2 spots available.


We finally have another spot available, so you all get another one of my amazing jokes!!!
Q: What do you get when you put Root Beer into a square glass?
A: Beer.

Told you it was amazing. Anways… like I said, we have another spot available. Something new we are trying since the last recruitment post is scheduled war waves!! We have 2 time slots scheduled. Participating in the waves is optional (your war attack is not optional; do your war attack) but they are so much fun, so I don’t know why you wouldn’t unless it just doesn’t work with your schedule. Even if you can’t participate in the two big waves, we encourage everyone to try to find another pair or two to set up mini-waves whenever you are able to do your attack.

Send in your application today to join a super fun team and to watch @JJ6758 work her organizational miracles while she sets up the war waves.


Two chemists walk into a bar. The first one says, “I’ll have some H2O.” The second one says, “I’ll have some H2O too.” The second one dies. ba dum chh

We have two spots available! Contact either me or @JJ6758 here or in game, or just send in an application! Even if it says we are full, send the app anyways. We have a few alts as placeholders.


We need one more lamb for the slaughter please. Come join our Zen flock and help raise the baa :grin:

Apply even if full we usually have an alt we can boot.


:joy::joy: I’ve found my second favorite thread. Ze Jokes.


We have one spot available, so you know what that means! Smash’s Joke-of-the-Day is back!
Q: What do you call money that grows on trees?
A: Marijuana.

Anyways, about that spot… Send in an application if you a) always do your war attacks, b) want to participate in a fun, friendly environment, and c) think I’m hilarious! Okay, we can negotiate on C.


Q: How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. It’s a hardware problem.

Eh, eh? Funny, right? Well, we have another spot or two open again. Send in those apps to make the jokes stop! Unless you like them, then I’ve got a bunch just for you. Lvl 100+ preferred, war/event participation a must, jokes are optional.


Do you have atlas?


No, we do not have Atlas. It was too exhausting to keep pushing up to where we needed to be to get Atlas only to not actually get it.


Smash’s Joke of the Day:
Q: What is another name for a computer virus?
A: A terminal illness ba dum tsh

We have a spot available again! I changed a few things in our initial team recruitment blurb. We now generally float around P2-3 as it seems there are a lot of bigger teams hiding in P1 to avoid Atlas. Also, I removed our blurb about being excited for Atlas. We are still very excited for when it rolls out to everyone, but we are not trying to maintain a certain ranking to get it in an earlier rollout anymore. The teams who get lucky and recieve it are too random to reward the efforts it requires to stay up there. Let me know if you have any other questions about the team, otherwise shoot me a message in game and/or send in an application, even if it says we are full. We have an alt holding the place so we don’t get picked on too much :laughing: