LFM- Plat 2 - Juggernauts - 200+

Language: English
Time Zone: US and European (We make it work)
Play time: Must be at least active
Age Range: Just don’t cause drama
Elite Account: It doesn’t matter

If you like competition, but also being on a friendly team, look no more! We have atlas and we require at least 800 troops daily. We also require you take part in events and YOU MUST GET 5 FLAMES IN WAR. You should of course help others on the team that may need it! If you know you aren’t going to be very active for a week or a couple days, we ask that you tell us so we may arrange something to get you moved for that time period.
If Juggernauts seems to fit what you are looking for, or you need more information on the team, feel free to message our leader RocksStars or any of our officers! We are looking to replace alts so we can get you in asap!

We hope to have you on our side flying and burning!

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