LFM - Plat 2 - NightCreatures - 65+


Language: English
Time Zone: Mainly US and Europe, some Aus
Age Range: 18+, but will make exceptions based on maturity
Elite Account?: Not mandatory


NightCreatures are always on the look at for new players - be it lower levels who are active and keen to learn and grow with us, or higher levels who can teach us new tricks and help make us more competitive. We like wars and we like events; we want to be competitive without this becoming a second job; most of all we want to have fun.

Our team’s mostly English-speaking, but we enjoy having a good mix of timezones and nationalities (including officers in both North America and Europe). We also have a bunch of people that work funny hours, so there’s frequently people online when you might not otherwise expect them to be. We like to keep a relaxed, drama-free atmosphere in TC and on Line.

We’re currently in Plat 2 but looking upwards rather than down. Not many rules other than show up for wars, don’t be dead weight in events, and don’t cause constant drama.

PM me here on the forums or message me in-game if you’re interested or want to know more.

EDIT: Rewritten since the original post was old.

Looking for team- lvl 70

Well after top spot in the last couple of events, and winning a few wars in between, we’ll be moving up to Gold 1. Still have a couple of gaps to fill - but apply even if we’re full, we can probably make room for more.


Gold 1 confirmed (so updated the title! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). We’ve filled those gaps too, but could make room for anyone else that wants to join us. PM me here or in-game.


We’ll be moving up to Plat 4 next week, but looking to swap some players out before we do. If anybody out there fancies Platinum rewards without the hassle of Atlas, come join us!

Apply even if we’re full, or message me in-game if you have questions.


Looking to get a couple of players in before the event starts. Apply directly (even if we’re full) or message me in-game if you have any questions.


As I ended the event by trawling back and forth
Through the LFT forum posts,
A 55+ leveller, mayhap a player escaping from Atlas, accosted me thus:

"Seek the Creatures of the Night,
For such is the point of this post.

“The team lies in a platinum league.
Open the door merely by applying,
And membership shall be yours.”

He held my gaze a moment longer,
Perhaps not believing anyone would have ripped off Savage’s riddle before it had even been solved.

Then, he vanished into the crowd.

He didn’t leave a clue,
Because this is an appeal for team members,
And being cryptic wouldn’t really be constructive.

Here, advertised on the forums, open to two or three active players,


Great team, active, making space post-event, blah blah blah, nobody ever reads this. Just message me in-game.

Bumpety bump bump.


I’m once again going through the almost-weekly ritual of bumping this thread.

Spare me this indignity! Join us when we move up to Plat 3 tomorrow!


Gonna give this thread another bump as we’ve got a player planning to take a break from the game.

Apply even if we’re full, we have a couple of alts we could swap out as well.


Hi. My team is having a tough time. We are practically begging most our players to play. There’s a good 11 of us who are active and love the game. We are currently looking to find room for us on another team. Please let me know if you have room. Thanks


Replied to you in-game.


Expecting to have one or two spots opening up, for the right players.

Message me ingame or on the forums if you’re interested, or just apply to join.

Should be reaching Plat 2 imminently.


Got at least one spot opening up imminently.


Two players to replace, could make room for four, so apply even if we’re full.


Still recruiting, contact me if you’d like to join us after the current event.


We’re gonna have a couple of spots to fill before the next event starts. Message me if interested!


We’ve had a couple of players leave recently. We’re trying to lure them back by offering:

  • Guaranteed backing of all of their PvP runs with Inner Fire-laden team members, even if we all have to spend to make it happen.
  • All of the lumber and gold the entire team gathers for the next six months.
  • A high-level player as a personal slave to ensure victory in every single attack they make in game.
  • All in-game team activity oriented around their personal schedule.
  • Two weeks as Team Leader.
  • Renaming the team after their favourite pet or sports team.

In the meantime, you can join us as a regular recruit, and we can guarantee our team will value you more than PG does.


Keen to get in some new faces after the event finishes and before new wars get declared! Message me here or in-game with questions, or just apply directly!


What’s up world! Like tacos? Like dragons!? Have we got the place for you! Come play with some mature like minded individuals who just like a lil mayhem! Come on… you know you want to!
Ps I mentioned tacos right?


Gonna have a couple of spots open after this event. Anybody ask Santa for a new team for Christmas?