LFM - Plat 2 - NightCreatures - 65+


It’s January and we’re looking to lose a little (dead) weight. Anyone out there that’s active, fighting fit, and looking for a fresh start? Drop me a message here or in-game.


We have some alts we’d like to shift out in favour of actual humans or really convincing robots. Message me if you’re either, and interested in joining.


It’s me again, replying to me, again. You can stop me talking to myself here by joining our team and talking to me there instead!

We’ll have spaces after the event ends - PM me here or in-game.


We have a few spaces to fill, but I can’t be bothered to write anything about how great we are. So instead, here’s a picture of my cat:

He’ll be sad if you don’t join us. Why are you making the kitty sad? You monster!


Holy S.

You almost had me. :heart_eyes:

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