LFM – Plat 2 – NightOfKnives – lvl 70+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Age Range: any serious player!
Elite Account: Preferable
Atlas Elite: Optional
Minimum Lineage Dragon: Gold - Platinum

To Apply: PM in game @RagnarOf1981 and I can answer any questions here on the forum :slight_smile: !

Night of Knives is an easygoing team focused on team work: we collect and distribute resources, heavy hitters backup lower level players during war, and we always have fun during events. We also have Atlas, currently with several castles that we diligently protect and upgrade.

We are looking for two types of players: (1) serious players following a breeding paths that play daily and fulfill the above mentioned requirements, or (2) players with Obsidian dragons that are active during wars and events but may not want the competitive atmosphere of higher level leagues.

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I like it

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The NoK are still looking for a couple players to replace some alt accounts. Drop by, we might be the right fit for you :slight_smile: !!

Still recruiting? Can i join after event ends?


Highest lineage:whale

Short base, active, i follow a breeding guide.

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Sure, send us a PM in game! :slight_smile:

We are still looking for new active players in NoK… or even a possible clan. to merge with us…

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Update: NightOfKnives still looking for active players…

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