LFM - Plat 2 - Syn3rgy - 150+

Language: English
Time Zone: All/any
Played time: 1+ year
Age Range: Young’uns to not-quite-as-young’uns
Elite Account?: Not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Dragons, ideally
Highest Lineage Dragon: Is this relevant?

About: We’re an active, chatty, helpful team that is looking for some new players to consolidate our level due to new war structure.

War participation is essential, ideally 7 flames but in the absence of 7 flames, effort to achieve 7 flames is expected.

Prize 10 on quests is expected, and now easier than ever.

We get 1.2k sigil prize on all Fort events and occasionally on others, looking to push towards this as a goal.

Unfortunately we can’t consider anyone sub-150 due to new war requirements and leagues we’re aiming to compete in.

PM me for more info.



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