LFM Plat 3/4 StrangeDragons lvl 60+

Various Time zones

We are StrangeDragons for a reason, always Strange never boring is our motto. If you forgot what having fun playing with dragons was like, If you like playing with your dragons, or just want to play with a no drama very social and active team come join us. We might look small but we were scrappy. And we will take a 45 lvl that will do their war runs over a 200 with attitude who doesnt do their war runs any day.

SDhas been together with the original core for over a year, and its because we have fun and are a big strange family. We are the 49 rowdy siblings you never knew you had :grin:. LINE Chat is our communications extension.

Rules are simple.

If you have time to potty you have time to do your war run.
Support the team with rss, xp runs, and eggie missions.
Have FUN!

Message here, ingame (pudgykat) or just apply. We would love to have other friends join us. And if you are just under the level we are looking for, shoot a note and lets work it out.


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