LFM, Plat 3/4 team

Burningbreeze is recruiting. Looking for a handful of people who communicate well! Line app is a must! Would like to replace players with players of the same level but will consider anyone who is looking for a team oriented home. Please ignore level requirements if that is you and message myself or an officer. Line ID is emberphyre.


Language: Primary is English but also fluent German, Spanish and Arabic. All are welcome
Time Zone: any
Played time: any but
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: preferred but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: at least 1 divine
Highest Lineage Dragon: prefer platinum but new players feel free to apply

About: So as stated before we are a plat 3/4 team. We are recovering from a walk out for atlas which we don’t have. We war often, compete hard and have fun. We are a very mixed bunch and are the perfect picture of dysfunctional. We run democratically mostly but are structured. It doesn’t mean no fun just gameplay with guidelines, fun after hours. Some of our new recruits have proved uncommunicative, don’t have line, miss war, can’t read or prefer to play with themselves. Here at breeze we prefer to play with others when they’re around and play with ourselves after game time. Hit us up if you want to join the party. Couples welcome. Happy hunting, Ember

Level requirement? 90+?

It varies, right now yes but I lower it if we find good people to apply. Our team ranges from level 25-290

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