LFM- Plat 3 - BurningLegends- 80+

Language: English
Time Zone: Global Members
Played time:
Age Range:
Elite Account?: Helpful not required

Hey guys, we are a Very Active Team that works hard to grow together. We help each other as much as possible to get to higher levels and do the best we can in events. We have 1 spot open and are looking for someone who will be active in game , in chat and will participate in Wars.

Please Message me in game or on the forums if you have any questions or would like to join and I will let our leader know!

We are currently Plat 3 and have been moving up in the ranks quickly. We hope to be in sapphire very soon! We also have been placing in the top 5 in events very consistently!

Hope to hear from some of some of you very soon and we are looking to fill this spot before next event. Thanks for your time !


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