LFM - Plat 3 - EmbersToAshes - 85+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: 24/7
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: No necessary
Dragon Roster Includes: N/A
Highest Lineage Dragon: N/A

About: EmbersToAshes is an international team with players in Europe, Africa, Australia, the US and places in between. We use Line app for team communication. This is mandatory unless you live in a zone where it is illegal or inaccessible. We have simple expectations. Do daily wars, play events, and be useful. We aren’t really a family. We’re people who enjoy winning and playing together. No matter how much we love playing with you, if you go inactive, we will replace you. If those expectations are amenable to you, you can expect us to help you grow your account, assist you with resources and xp, and support you if/when interpersonal conflicts arise with persons from other teams.

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