LFM. Plat 3 FuriesNight 150+ (have Atlas)

Language: English
Time Zone: International
Played time: you’re 150 right? so…
Age Range: Teen minimum, ideally 18+
Elite Account?: Recommended, not required
Dragon Roster Includes: some darn good dragons (I like hunters, but we run everything)
Highest Lineage Dragon:

Have Atlas. Mostly American, European and Australian. Sitting on edge of plat 2 until we expand our roster. We work as a team with a solid core who have flown together a LONG time. We have fun in team chat and then get to business Did I mention Atlas…?

Nice team, platinum 3 have access to atlas :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you willow! and we have some help…

Your team is very lucky, my guild in platinum 1 but haven’t access to atlas :disappointed_relieved:

I am here to troll.

I see you trolling lol. Good to see you T

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