LFM - Plat 3 - Ghosteam - 25+

Language: English
Time Zone: Don’t care
Played time: As long as you’re active
Age Range: Legal enough to play.
Elite Account?: Cannot expect more than the leader.
Dragon Roster Includes: Ember.
Highest Lineage Dragon: Good enough for your level.


We’re an active fun team with relaxed Atlas requirement (:thinking: only not being a jerk…).
Still, active war and event participation is necessary.
Also, we’re not scary, okay… :ghost:



I wanna join but I can’t leave my team :sob:

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How many players are you looking for or really want to keep if say you were absorbed by another team with a similar philosophy?

Asking because I think you’d be an awesome addition to my team. :sunglasses:

We’re just looking for 1 - 4 to replace inactives and alts.

No idea why Orca would want to be part of a team who has players who defend Anapas viability 🤷


Not one of my finer moments to be sure and they probably don’t. I’m just providing options.

Thank you for that blast from the past though.



Say, how do you guys do in event, and what are your expectations for your members? I might have people to send your way. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Our expectation is active event participation and 5 flames in war.

We got 8th place this breeding, but should be better during Temple Raid :wink:

Aww… Come on over @Sam . Orca will bake cookies! :grin::+1::cookie:


I have 3 active players that are interested in joining your team. Do you have room?


Damn I think I may have Miss this opportunity. I looked up your team and it says it’s full. I will keep a eye on your team though and if 3 spots open we will jump in. Thanks

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They might have spots filled by alts. Just apply so they can kick alts and swap you and your friends in quickly. Teams with empty slots get declared on so this would be the safest method for them. :+1:t3:

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I prefer soup. :grin:

Yep. We have some alts filling the spot.
After you apply, officers can accept and swap out the alts :wink:

We have delicious soup and stew too :yum:

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Thanks Sam, my only concern is that the levels of my friends and I are 56,47,39. The lowest level on there roster is 67. So I’m not sure they’d want to get 3 lower players.