LFM PLAT 3 Ngloriousreign Looking for high level players 130+

Had enough of your team? Looking to help bring up a team that has reformed itself and one that will actively improve? Then look no further. We are a great team of people who are keen to move forward. We have a great team atmosphere and everyone is willing to help.
If you want to join a super active team then please apply. Ideally we are looking for 80 plus level players as we are a little light in the top end, but attitude and commitment come first.
Be under no illusions, not completing wars without letting an officer know will lead to you being dropped. You must be a fully committed player and complete your war attacks and do team comps to the best of you ability.
If this sounds like you then please apply at the below team or find me in the team and mail me. MrMagni

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No problem

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