LFM - Plat 3 - NightCreatures - Lvl 85+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any - we have officers in US, Europe and Australia
Played time: Any
Age Range: Adult


Thank you for opening this recruitment post for NightCreatures! What sets this advert apart from all of the other recruitment posts? Absolutely nothing!

We’ve got vacancies, like everyone does! We’re in a league! Are other teams in a league? Of course they are! Ours is Plat 3. We’re looking to improve and move up, because moving down would be a stupid objective. We have Atlas. Atlas involves castles. We have some of those.

We value players who are active. Want to join and then never show up? (Why? Why would you do that?) Then our team’s probably not for you - go and lurk in Gold somewhere. We have modest minimums in wars, events, and Atlas - but if you actually play the game they really won’t be a problem.

We’re chatty and friendly, unlike those other ads you’ve read for teams of silent sociopaths. We use Line for coordinating in wars and events, and also to send each other pictures of pets, filthy jokes, and Pikachu stickers.

So apply now, and save yourself the trouble of reading a bunch more posts by teams offering exactly the same information. Or get in touch if you have more niche questions or concerns that my banal generalities failed to cover.

Apply even if we’re full, we can kick some alts to make space.


Got a player dropping out of the game (or at least, reliable Internet) for a few months, so will have a gap to fill. Might have other spots too.

Drop me a line here or in-game - or just apply!

We’ll have one or two spots to fill at the end of the event, so I chose to bump this thread instead of screaming futilely into the void. Perhaps it’s the same thing in the end.

Message or apply if my inner despair hasn’t put you off.

Couple of players retiring this week, so have vacant spots. Hit me up here or in-game.

Bump bump bump bumpety bump bump.

Are you still looking? I may need a new team, it appears I was kicked from mine. Not sure why, I’m waiting on a reply from the captain.

Level 146, previous team was P4. I’m on nearly daily, unless life intervenes. No experience with Atlas as of yet, but certainly willing to learn.

Got a couple of spots to fill, hit me up!

We’ll have a few spots to fill after the event ends. Afraid we can’t take any really low levels just now though.

If you’re interested, drop me a line!

War stuff?


LFM - Plat 3 - NightCreatures - Lvl 85+ Towers


A little bit of that, but just generally trying to keep a well-balanced team. We had a bunch of (really awesome) new players join recently, and will again, but want to keep a healthy mix and right now that means strengthening our middle order if we can.

Not looking for a team but this beautiful. I’ll send players your way when they finally learn atlas is the only way to go.

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Got a couple of spots to fill after this event. Message me in-game or here on forums.

We’re in Plat 2 now, should that inexplicably be a deciding factor.

Bumpy bump, bump bump bump.

We have an alt or two we’d like to replace. Drop me a line if interested.

One to replace after the event, might be able to make space for more.

Watch this bump!

Is it a baby bump?

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Getting fed up of talking to my alt, so want to replace him with a human who’ll be less mean to me. Message me if you’re nice and don’t know my inner-most shame.