LFM Plat 4/3 TheDragonsDen 60 +


Happy New Year War Dragons.

TheDragonDen is recruiting. We have 5 castles in Atlas and really want players that want to learn and grow in Atlas. Wars are a given and we should move back to Plat 3 after this week. Check us out and pm me if interested.



Just a reminder as event is almost over. Still looking.


Still have some alts and inactive folks to replace on TheDragonsDen. We are Plat3 with 5 castles.


Hi, me and my friend are looking to get into a better guild, we are daily active players and contribute alot to our team and only like 5 of of the team members actually play! We are both level 45…I’m Zelda [female]


I sent you a note.

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