LFM — Plat 4 — AntwerpDocker — 70

Language: English
Time Zone: Varied — we have a big chunk of players in the US, and another big chunk in Europe.
Played time: Prefer at least a few months experience
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Not required
Dragon Roster Includes: No Specific Requirements
Highest Lineage Dragon: Prefer platinum dragons

About: At AntwerpDocker we work together to acomplish our goals. We’re a laidback team that doesn’t tolerate drama. We have a Line group and the officers are willing to answer your questions. We have several vacancies that we are looking to fill, and if you wish to bring an alt account with you, it’s more than welcome! (Provided that you do your war runs with each account that you bring to the team.)

The current team minimum level is set at 70, but we’ll welcome you even if your level isn’t quite there yet. If you are a very active player but are below level 70, feel free to message me anyway. We’re willing to accept lower level players who have a passion for the game and never miss a war and participate in all events. After all, we can help you grow as a team.

Still looking for members, message me if interested. My forum name is the same as my in game name :blush:

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