LFM - Plat 4 - Atlas - Drag0nMyAss - Rebuilding

Language: English
Time Zone: Any - we have people from around the globe!
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Makes it easier, but not required
Highest Lineage Dragon: Appropriate for your level.

Drag0nMyAss (the 0 is a zero) is a fun atlas oriented family looking for new team members to replace slackers as we grow.

Ideally we are looking for players 200+ (although exceptions might be made for the right person!). Would be awesome if you’re familiar with atlas, although we are happy to teach if you aren’t!

We also could accommodate a merge in of about 15 to 20 players, and an officer position would be made available.

We are Plat 4 with 4 castles (each a different element) and are part of a strong alliance. Glory opportunities are available regularly and will be made more frequent as the team gets stronger.

So far we have rebuilt this team from Gold 2 with 20 members who were mostly low active alts and one castle.

Get about 930 egg tokens daily atm (league and atlas). We are working to improve Event, Quest and Atlas participation.

The rebuild is definitely still in progress and it is a process but we’ve got a dedicated and determined core group and experienced leadership. Really hope to go far while maintaining a fun family like atmosphere.

Please PM me here or in game with any questions or if you are interested in joining!


We’re still looking, come give us a try if you’re looking for a new family