LFM! – Plat 4 – DarkChoices

Language: English is preferred
Time Zone: don’t care just be active+
Played time: Long enough to know the ins and outs of the game!
Age Range: Age isn’t our concern, we just want commitment!
Elite Account?: definitely a need
Dragon Roster Includes: dragons???
Highest Lineage Dragon: sure whatever…

About: DarkChoices is an amazing team. Originally a Diamond 1 team, it was also given beta from the start so we will always have beta wherever we are! We are a close knit group of people who want to surround ourselves with those that are as active as we are. Wars, events, and Atlas are required… who wouldn’t want to do them anyways?! :smile: Just hit apply and i will get to you as soon as possible!


Yes d like to check it out I like option thanks FISHERMAN

I recently joined this team. It is a good team with good leadership and players :hugs:

Just an update!

We are looking to fill three spots!!! We want players who want to play this game! We want dragon enthusiasts galore! With Atlas we are in a very great position in fort events so if you’re looking for a way to get more free timers you ahould check us out!

am interested am sending a msg in game

I am no longer affiliated with this team. Sadly i have moved on. Please message the leader, Mandrake, to ask about joining!

also how active are they during events and wars? are they coordinated during wars like waves and picked targets or some other methods?

I came to help them as they were one of the first teams i played on. I don’t need to tell you why i left as all i can say is they’re good people. If they learned anything while i was there they are an amazing team in wars, events, and atlas.

sorry that was too personal. do they do good in events like somewhere in top 5? also are wars coordinated with some type of strategy like waves and marked targets or something to that extent or something else? im just asking cause i used to be on a team like that before it split up and am trying to find one like it. also do they chat a lot and have good communication in and out of game. Thanks.

or at least how was the atlas portion?

They know how to wave and do it almost every war that requires it. Last couple events we were in 1st in events. In atlas they have an alliance with a top Diamond team and have protection from anyone who would look to hit a small platinum team. I left them in a good spot and I’m confident they can stay there.

sweet thanks for the info bro. much appreciated.

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