LFM - Plat 4 - FieldOfReeds - any level :)

Language: English
Time Zone: Global but mostly US/UK
Played time: 5 months to 3.5 years?
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: Sure
Dragon stuff: Most of the team is gold-sapphire, a few garnet, a few green

About us: FieldOfReeds is a fun, affectionate team. We’ve had a few roster rotations in the last few weeks, and we’d love to move out some alts and fill the slots with solid members who we can stay with for a long time.



  • No Atlas
  • There’s this dude who talks too much, but apart from that Tinsir guy, the people are generally pretty cool
  • It might be a little lonely if you’re in Australia / East Asia, otherwise timezones seem to work out

We’re pretty flexible on requirements; being level 84+ will make things easier, though. We only ask that you do your war hits and at least show up for events, or let us know if you can’t. A lot of us are intense for our own personal goals, but we know we aren’t diamond.

Message me in-game!


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